WatchGuard Firewalls & TRAINING

Dane Deutsch is our WatchGuard Training Instructor and Coach.

He is a certified teacher and educator with decades of teaching and coaching experience. Dane holds a Masters Degree in Information Communication Technology (ICT) from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI.

Coach Dane is currently an Academic Faculty member of a nearby university and teaches Cybertechnology Ethics as part of the curriculum for an NSA approved Cyber Security Certificate program.

Dane has been in the IT industry for over 38 years, since the early days of ARPANET. Dane's IT background in the United States Air Force, include tours of active duty at Eglin AFB Tactical Air Warfare Center as well as 5 years (3 consecutive tours) of duty in the country of Turkey. During his last tour of duty, Dane was handpicked by a previous White House Communications Director under President Ronald Reagan to be his Chief of Maintenance for the entire country of Turkey. Dane's responsibilities included leading over 1200 people, and managing billions of dollars of IT assets from Iraq to Istanbul and from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

With his education background and his military experience, Dane is perfectly positioned as your WatchGuard Training instructor & coach. His depth and breadth of WatchGuard Training knowledge and experience will make your classroom training both practical and memorable.

When you complete your WatchGuard Training in Fireware Essentials with Coach Dane, you will be prepared and feel well qualified to manage your WatchGuard firewall. You will be inspired to be the best Cyber Security expert you can be.

You will be one of the strong links in the Cyber Security Chain!