About Our Team


DCS Netlink will provide the highest caliber IT services and support to a full range of businesses. Through the latest technology and training, we can and do "provide the reins of command" for businesses, anytime, anyplace.

DCS Netlink in a Nutshell...

DCS Netlink's staff of qualified, certified personnel is available to provide business solutions with a focus on partnering with our clients, assuring our understanding of your needs and how technologies can help your business and assuring our fast and effective response when you need it most.

We have access to the resources that help us get your job done with the software tools that offer the ease of use and compatibility you need in today's business world.

DCS Past, Present and Future

DCS Netlink, a division of Deutsch's, Inc. was established in the autumn of 2000, and is a result of a name change and re-positioning of the former PC To Go. PC To Go was established in 1990, and its business was two-fold. We started as a retailer of computer products (hardware / software), and a Network Solution Provider primarily for small companies.

As the technology industry grew, so did PC To Go. In the 10 years PC To Go has been in business, it has evolved into a Technology Solutions Provider, growing from the provider of PC's into the networking of those PC's, and finally into what is today called "DCS Netlink", a provider of E-Business, Application Services, Wireless Services, IT Training and Network Support Services. The name PC to Go no longer accurately reflected the business' primary thrust into the networking and internet working business areas, thus the name DCS Netlink was created. The name more accurately reflects our ability to network and link customers to themselves and anyone else via any type of network, anytime, and anywhere in the world.