Managed IT Services

"Making IT easy as it should be!"

At DCS Netlink, we understand the need for technology in your business, but unlike other providers and ISPs, we understand the need to be proactive with technology to keep your computers, networks, and technology running and operating in top condition.

That's why we offer I.T. Managed Services. DCS provides value upfront and peace of mind knowing that your network is being monitored and managed even if you are long distance. Plus, our Managed Services is just that, we take care of your technology needs allowing you to be free to do what it is you do best in your company. So, we have made this program affordable and flexible to meet all your IT and technology needs the way you like IT.

Why Managed Services?

The DCS Team is your Trusted Managed Service provider to handle all your technology needs and solutions. When you are part of our Managed Services, pricing for hourly labor can be as low as $65/hr. Plus, you get complete satisfaction knowing that we are taking care of the health of your computers, servers, and network.

So, what is included in the our Managed Services?

Depending on what your IT technology needs are, here are a few services that can be included:

  • Data Backup and/or Business Continuity

  • Technology Planning and Budgeting

  • Security (managing your firewalls to include Logging and Reporting)

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and patch/system update management

  • Network Management

  • User Management

  • Data Management

  • Systems Management

  • Software - Production Support and maintenance

  • Internet (provided by an Internet service provider)

  • Email (provided by an Email service provider)

  • Videoconferencing (provided by a Video Conference Managed Service Provider or by a Video Managed Service Provider)

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (Provided by a Cloud service provider)

Finding the right IT advice and technology team can be an integral part of your overall business strategy. With our long-term clients, we have proven to provide a long lasting influence on the overall performance of their organization. The DCS team will work as your Trusted Partner to benefit your business strategically, financially, and technologically. We strive to coordinate your IT planning and achieve the challenging goals of tomorrows ever-changing technology. Our Team can help your Team - today!

Give us a call today to find out how you can get your first month free! We can become a part of your team in providing you with solid Managed Services, ....because we CARE!