Security Awareness Training

Did you know that "Cloud misconfigurations, business email compromise (BEC) and intellectual property theft are all up in the Verizon DBIR 2019 from last year." What that means is that security with computers, networks, and Internet should be very important to every person, company and organization.

Sadly it seems, that until a person, company or organization is breached and/or compromised, there is relatively little interest in knowing how important security is and very little desire to learn how to become more secure personally and professionally.

Verizon's Report even says, "Overall, while outsider threats remain dominant, leading 69 percent of breaches, insider-initiated incidents account for 34 percent. Many of these are inadvertent accidents rather than malicious..."

So, that means that there is a 1 in 3 chance of being breached or compromises based on insider-initiated incidents, like clicking on the wrong link. Most of the time that means a Business Email Compromise (BEC). Most likely you have clicked on a bad link or know of someone who did and they were then infected with malware or got Ransomware and now all their data or even the entire computer/server is now encrypted and your data is literally gone. So, just using your email can be a REAL Threat! If we do click on something that is bad...even if it is innocent, that is called being Phished.

That is why we need to train ourselves and our company/organization team members on how to keep from being Phished.

We are your IT Security Coaches to help you learn to get secure and stay secure!

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